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What is Basta Beirut?

contact infos:

Adam El-hamade
+41 (0)78 679 32 51

Inès Barrionuevo
+41 (0)79 281 50 79


Basta Beirut is a Swiss-based association aiming first to communicate about the current situation in Lebanon and more specifically Beirut while raising funds to help with the reconstruction of the city.

It is also important for us to create a link between Lebanon and Switzerland. This is why we seek to promote Lebanese artists while relating them to the work of Swiss artists affected by the Lebanese situation.

To this end, we wanted to organize a charity exhibition in Switzerland, screenings of Lebanese films in cinemas as well as other events to raise funds and discuss the situation in Lebanon. Unfortunately we have to postpone any physical event due to the Corona epidemic. Nevertheless we do not wish to abandon the cause and this is why an online format of the exhibition is presented to you.

It is good to know that no profit is kept by the members of the association, it is pure volunteering. However, some artists are refunded for expenses incurred for their work. Even if some of them donate their work in full.

Concerning the funds collected, the first 4'000$ collected will be redistributed to 40 families mainly located in the Al Basta district. This neighborhood has received very little help and we have a team on site that is in charge of making an inventory of the reconstruction needs of each family and making sure that the money is well used for the reconstruction/repair of their apartments.

The rest of the funds will be given to the association OFFRE JOIE. We have direct contact with this association and they follow our ethics. They work mainly in reconstruction and it seemed important to us not to focus only on the Basta neighborhood so that our efforts do not be seen as a political or religious choice (given that often in Beirut, each neighborhood has its own confessions and political choices).